by Carianne Silver Jewelry

I’ve always been fascinated by different cultures whose beliefs and symbols shape their world distinctively and thus I received a BA in Anthropology to further my curiosity. Traveling across the US, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand and Europe has given me endless sources of inspiration. Each culture reveals its history and its mark on the world through their art.

Inspired by nature, the craftsmanship of ancient civilizations and by life experiences, I create pieces that look and feel as if they have a bit of ancient history cast into them, and steeped within the metal, a hidden meaning or story that awaits for the wearer to discover.

I either hand carve, sculpt and “paint” wax on wax to create my original model, then cast utilizing the ancient “lost wax” technique. All of my pieces are created with ethically sourced materials in my studio in Austin, Texas.

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