Brazos Tobacco Walking Stick 48″

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Our walking sticks are made from authentic tobacco sticks that were originally used to dry green tobacco leaves. After harvest, the leaves were draped over the sticks and suspended inside huge barns, allowing the leaves to air dry until ready to transport to the nearest processing plant. They are made from a variety of native domestic hardwoods, including poplar, sycamore, sassafras, and others. Our current source is located in the Appalachian mountains of Southwest Virginia. They have been stored in a century old chestnut barn that is part of a fourth generation tobacco farm. Most of these sticks were used in the early to mid-1900’s. Some are even hand split, or “rived” sticks. We sand and shape just enough to make the stick functional, and we try to preserve as much of the character and vintage look as possible. No two sticks are alike. For a limited time, each stick will also feature an extra wide full grain leather strap.


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