Faded Glory

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Each of the wars fought by Texans spawned the creation of scores of military sites across the state, from the lonely frontier outpost at Adobe Walls to the once-bustling World War II shipyards of Orange. Today, although vestiges of the sites still exist, many are barely discernible, their once-proud martial trappings now faded by time, neglect, the elements and, most of all, public apathy. ?In Faded Glory: A Century of Forgotten Texas Military Sites, Then and Now, Thomas E. Alexander and Dan K. Utley revisit twenty-nine sites—many of them largely forgotten—associated with what was arguably the most tumultuous hundred-year period in a five-century span of Texas history.?

Whether in the war with Mexico, the American Civil War, in clashes between Indians and the frontier army, or in two worldwide conflicts fought on foreign shores, Texas and Texans have often answered the call to arms. Beginning in 1845 and continuing through 1945, the Lone Star State and its people were fully involved in seven major conflicts. ?In this thoroughly researched and absorbing guide, Alexander and Utley recount the full story of the sites from their days of fame to the present. Comparing historic sketches, paintings, and period photographs of the original installations with recent photographs, they illustrate how time has dealt with these important places. Providing maps to aid readers in locating each site, the authors close with a resounding call for preservation and interpretation for future generations. ?The descriptions and images restore, at least in the mind’s eye, a touch of vitality and color to these forgotten and disappearing sites. Thanks to Faded Glory: A Century of Forgotten Texas Military Sites, Then and Now, both the traveler and the armchair tourist can recover a sense of these places and events that did so much to shape the military history of Texas.


THOMAS E. ALEXANDER, who served as an officer in the Strategic Air Command, is the author of four books on Texas military history. His work on Peyote Army Airfield was given the Rupert Richardson Award as the best book on West Texas History in 2006. A retired executive vice president with Neiman Marcus, he is currently serving his second six-year term on the Texas Historical Commission. Alexander lives in Kerrville, Texas. DAN K. UTLEY, chief historian of the Center for Public History at Texas State University and a Fellow of the Texas State Historical Association, is a retired chief historian for the Texas Historical Commission, a past chairman of the National Register State Board of Review for Texas, and the past president of the Texas Oral History Association and the East Texas Historical Association.
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Pub Date: 09/24/2012

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