Festive Crackers

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When a festive cracker is pulled from both ends…POP!  The tube breaks open and a paper hat, a joke and a novelty gift are revealed.  Crackers create memories and laughter, bringing family and friends together.  They are ideal for parties and home entertainment, decorating holiday trees, wreaths, garlands, gift packages and table settings.  Use your imagination!

How were Festive Crackers born? Originating in London, England in the 1840’s, a confectioner began wrapping sugared candies in brightly colored paper twisted at each end.  Later he put the sweets in a small wrapped tube, adding a motto and a surprise gift.  It was the crackle of a log in the fireplace that gave him the inspiration to create a “pop” when the wrapping was pulled apart and the Festive Cracker was born!

*There are 6 Crackers in each pack*

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