Historic Homes of Gonzales Spiral

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Historic Homes of Gonzales

By Paul Frenzel

Historic Homes of Gonzales, by Paul Frenzel; 1999, third edition, stiff paper covers with comb binding, 79 pages, unindexed.
Homesteads/houses of the following individuals are included: The Old Gonzales College; Horace Eggleston; John Fauth; T.J. Pilgrim; Lucien Chenault; Paul Levyson; W.B. Sayers ; T.H. Spooner; I.N. Smead; C.J. Pilgrim; Hugh Lewis; B.N. Peck; J.H. Remschel; E.S. Atkinson; W.J. Bright; T.N. Matthews; G.W. Littlefield; J.C. Jones; G.W. Betts; C.T. Rather; R.S. Dilworth; Solomon Joseph; W.P. Fischer; J.B. Kennard; W.B. Houston; J.W. Bailey; C.A. Burchard; G.F. Burgess; J.D. Houston; J.C. Bright; J.P. Randle; W.H. Boothe; F.O. Smith; J.F. Miller; J.J. Fouts; Henry Reese, Jr.; C.B. Patton; W.C. Kleine; W.T. Dawe; M.J. Koch; J.F. Remschel; Jacob Stahl; Hyman Friedman; Z.J. Boothe; R.S. Dilworth (2); Edward Lewis; S.H. Hopkins; C.H. Hoskins; George Ewing; H.W. Matthews; John Steiner; J.C. Bright (2); C.E. Dilworth; O.B. Robertson; J.H. Boothe; F.M. Fly; L.M. Kokernot; W.H. Kokernot; J.R. Tinsley; Frank Vrazel; Edward Sweeney.

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