Ino Schaller Santa Claus Holding a Small Snowy Tree and Bag

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The production of papier mâché figures as filling figures for sweets began in the 19th century and has its cradle in the Neustadt / Sonneberg area. The production method at that time can still be seen in the Neustadt toy museum: initially, a mixture of flour and glue was used. Later, in the 1920s, this process could be refined and since then our paper mache figures have been cast according to the old family recipe. A method of production that, incidentally, is now only mastered by a few artisans.

The manufacturing process of a figure takes about 7 days. At the beginning, a liquid mass of paper and paste and other additives is prepared. The next day, it is poured into a handmade two-part mold. Excess water initially escapes into the porous form. The next day, the somewhat dried cast is carefully removed from the mold and slowly dried in a temperature-controlled room. On the fourth day, the figures are prepared for further processing. In the remaining days, the figures can be artistically painted by hand and decorated with creative details such as landscapes and decors. Mica, glass beads and fur provide attractive special effects. So each figure is unique – hand signed and provided with a certificate of authenticity.

Particularly beautiful and successful forms have been and will be preserved over the decades. The artistic works by Carl and Ino Schaller are still used today and are particularly popular with collectors of historical paper mache figures.

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