Lavender Herbal Massage Oil .68 fl oz

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Kneipp works, naturally.  Their high content of pure and natural thermal spring salt is obtained from pure natural brine in Europe’s only remaining open pan salt works, the Saline Luisenhall.  The brine is free of chemical additives and environmental influences and contains natural trace elements.

Kneipp Lavender Herbal Massage Oil combines intensely pampering plant oils and carefully selected, natural lavender essential oils.  While massaging it unfolds its balancing, aroma-therapeutic effect which benefits body and mind.  The high amounts of emollient jojoba oil and sweet almond oil help regulate the skin’s natural hydration.  Kneipp Lavender Herbal Massage Oil spreads easily and absorbs slowly to allow the maximum benefits of a relaxing message.

How to use:  Apply a thin layer, use gentle pressure massaging in even, circular motions.

*pictures shows 3.4 fl oz but product being sold is .68 fl oz.


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