Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Earrings by Barry Perez

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Sterling silver and 18K gold earrings.  Earrings measures approximately 1.25″ long.


Barry graduated from The University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, with a specialty in metalwork and a minor in anthropology. He has been making his jewelry for 30 years. “My study in anthropology has had an influence on my work. I like to think of my art as a combination of different cultures.” 

People have often commented on the African and Asian influences in his art. Each of his pieces is hand-fabricated using 18K Gold and Sterling silver, along with a variety of precious and semi-precious gems and minerals.

Two things stand out to create the Barry style:

  1. Texture – Barry uses a variety of methods to create and accentuate texture in his jewelry art.

  2. Sculpture – every one of Barry’s pieces of jewelry, be it a pin, pendant or earring, is a small sculpture – a sculpture that is worn by people rather than displayed on a wall or on a table.

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