Antique Satsuma Button & Pearl Necklace

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Beautiful Satsuma button intricately  hand-painted in the 1800’s.  Repurposed into a pendant and strung on freshwater pearls.  The Satsuma button measures 3/4″ wide.  The necklace measures  16.5″ long.   The freshwater pearls measure 1/4″ wide, a little bigger than our normal freshwater pearls.

About Satsuma wares:  From around 1800, brocade painted decoration began to flourish, including a palette of “delicate iron-red, a glossy blue, a bluish green, a soft purple black, and a yellow very sparingly used”.  A slightly later innovation added painted gilding to the brocade. The multi-coloured enamel overglaze and gold were painted on delicate, ivory-bodied pieces with a finely crackled transparent glaze. The designs—often light, simple floral patterns—were highly influenced by both Kyoto pottery and the Kanō school of painting, resulting in an emphasis on negative space.   Many believe this came from Satsuma potters visiting Kyoto in the late seventeenth century to learn overglaze painting techniques.

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